Best escapes to explore the beauty of gold coast

Around one hour drive from Brisbane, the Gold Coast is the coastal city of Australia situated in the state of Queensland. Even settlers and aborigines state that they have always been excited and never have a humdrum feel. They consider this amazing place as a paradise.

Apart from its blend of human architecture of skyscrapers and its natural beauty, this exotic part of the world offers a number of business opportunities for travel and tourism industry.

The Gold Coast spans an amazing 70 kilometres of coastline. It is not purely about its length but the amount of visual treat it provides that makes it amazing. There are no words to describe its beauty.

The Fantastic Beaches

Whether you are a part of yachting, kayaking or surfing, there’s lot of fun in these beaches. The Gold Coast has all the incredible adventure for adults and children with its gravity-defying rollercoaster trains, waterslides and carousals. The food stalls here catch your attention. For adults, it is the perfect place to escape for sun-bathing and relaxing. There is more fun than expected and people here go for their favourite beach sports.

Sea World Marine Park

Escape to the Sea World Marine Park to communicate with Dolphins. Here it is really amusing to interact with all kinds of mammals. Go for a memorable experience. Meet a variety of dolphins that fly in air and dance along with them. Bring your children to the Holiday Show, the PAW Patrol. What is more? Have lively encounters with penguins, and other marine animals to make your experience unforgettable.

Dream World Theme Park

Watch your children have a great moment with the Dream World Park Theme. They include a variety of activities:
• Big 9 Thrill Rides
• Kids Rides
• Family Rides
• White Water World
• Food and Shopping

Hollywood at Gold Coast

Gold Coast also offers theatricality for movie lovers. With Warner Brothers at its bay, it is an extravagance filled with entertainment. It also offers some incredible car stunts with its Hollywood stunt-drive shows.

Escape and Explore

• Dinosaur Island
• Surfing at Burleighead
• Surfing at Coolangatta
• Tiger Island
• Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
• Mount Tamborine

Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck

If anyone even wondered how to have a bird’s eye point view, it’s just that fascinating view from Q1 Skypoint Observation Deck. The viewer’s 360 degree angle provides a treat as water currents draw towards the beach. The skyline touching the seas makes gives an analogy of an eye illusion.

Springbrook National Park – The Seventh Heaven Escape

To dive more into the best escapes, one can explore Springbrook National Park, a world heritage site which captivates with its eye-glittering greenery of birds, caves, waterfalls etc.

Lamington National Park – The Paradise Escape
As we further escape into the depths of Gold Coast, we arrive at Hinterland. Here we have Lamington National Park, another world heritage listed site that makes the spotlight memorable by bridging with walking trails. The environment here provides the best place for an escape walk.

The O’Reilly’s Treetop is a kind of suspension bridge, which is 180 meters long. You will never mind the distance as you walk through to see its beauty. Its height of around 50 meters above the ground that makes it a perfect place to view and walk between the middle of the trees. It is like as if a bird is walking with its legs at the height of the trees. This suspension bridge is so amazing to feel especially with its stray birds. You are always trying to rotate your head trying to see the birds from a point-blank view.

After having a wonderful escape through the O’Reilly treetop walk, one can have leisure of luxurious lodgings which provides Spa, relaxing foot massages, lunches etc. You can stay at nights and have a wonderful view in the morning with the natural painting of trees all over the mountains. These multifaceted cabins, glass windows and verandas provide a perfect view even while relaxing. Most of the national parks can be reached in and around with an hour time frame from the coastline.