Broadbeach – things to do and luxury escapes

Broad beach is considered a carnival for world-class events. It’s an ideal place for all types of activities.  At Broadbeach, you are made busy by its spectacular display of events.  It has an eccentric power packed nightlife of music and casinos.  It’s a perfect destination for people who want to just hangout and relax.  For animal lovers there is much more to offer here.  You can go kayaking with the dolphins.


Restaurants at Broadbeach

Broadbeach offers all types of offering to all ages from kids to adults.  Its nightlife is highly entertaining with thrills, comedy shows, fun-horror shows etc.  If you are interested in theatre arts, witness the events as they go.  Their unique restaurants here even offer different kinds of shows like puppetry that will make you spellbound.

Arts and Crafts Market at Broadbeach

Have an insight at the Broabeach’s arts and crafts market.  It has around 150 stalls exhibiting Australia’s multitude of fine arts and crafts. 

Culinary Arts

It can be called the taste of Australia with all its delicious dishes of seafood, delicacies, savouries, cookies and muffins.

Rotary Carousel – Kids, Kids and More Kids

Broadbeach offers fun-packed environment for all ages.  It is an iconic place attracting locals and tourists.  Children get fascinated by the carousels.  It is laughter everywhere; while kids take a ride, parents take the pride to watch their children with roaring happiness.  Children here are never eager to leave this place and this is the fun Rotary Carousel offers at Broadbeach.

Kurrawa Beach

Kurrawa Beach is a spectacular and eye catching beach that cannot be afforded to miss.  It is a great place to relax.  The golden sand texture makes it a perfecting relaxing place.  It is also the best place to play against the water waves.  Surfers and locals love this place for its pure transparent water.  The place is also patrolled by safeguards.  You can have fun with kayaking, yachting and surfing.  Go cycling or for a walk along the coastline to get a glimpse of its beauty.  You can also go through the beachside boulevard for your favourite coffee or snacks.


Luxury Escapes at Broadbeach

After a long holiday, it is time to slip into luxury escapes at Broadbeach.  It’s really important to select the best luxury accommodation while here so that you don’t feel the strain of the day.  Luxury escapes at Broadbeach have all the comfy accommodation that is self contained.

Check in as per your requirements.  A typical deluxe accommodation will include:

Comfort and Spacious Rooms

It’s all about space first, feeling free to move.  As it is holiday time, you are never tired to watch, have a glance at the windows for your surroundings. Here at luxury escapes, flow of air is constant with great ventilation.  Broadbeach luxury escapes offer a well-decorated, fully air-conditioned luxury homes that are spacious and leaves your vacation memorable.

Self-Contained Kitchen

Broadbeach kitchens are full equipped with all the needs.  It comes with all the fire and heating appliance like heaters, micro-oven etc.  It has biologically safe non-abrasive and non-corrosive products.


Bedroom at Brooadbeach luxury accommodation has all the facilities with a King suite.  Have your favourite Television show while relaxing in your bedroom.  You can go for single, double, triple bedroom etc. based on your requirements.  Either two single beds in one bedroom or as required. 

Also you can check-in for your bathroom requirements, showering and tub requirements and security systems.

Most luxury escapes at Broadbeach have balconies that are spacious. One can also avail penthouse to have a better picture of your surroundings.

The luxury escapes are very near to vacation spot and that makes it easier to plan proactively.