Mermaid waters – gold coast travel guide

To enjoy your vacation, Beachfront provides a variety of luxuriate and magnificent Gold Coast holiday homes for your accommodation needs.  It starts from single-bedroom to seven-bedroom mansion homes. It comes with all types of star ratings based on your style of need and budget.

Have fantastic view of the Beachfront from glass frames and balcony at Gold Coast luxury escapes.  You can always just sit on a recliner and relax.  The Gold Coast luxury mansion provides a maximum of 37 beds.  You can forget all the concerns about the family accommodation and can have a great time.

All of these rooms come with modern fittings that are self contained. The kitchen contains all the modern appliances.  The bathroom is fully equipped and the luxury homes have all the laundry and washing machinery.

The restrooms and showers are fitted with latest equipment from standing showers to garden tubs.  Reflect yourself with a King size mirrors fitted wherever necessary.  The floorings consist of rich marbles.

Corner Rooms

You also request for corner room luxury accommodation while travelling with your family.  Corner rooms are spacious and brighter.

A typical Gold Coast luxury home includes:

  • Laptop with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Ergonomic chairs and table for laptop use
  • Cable TV
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Comfy couches
  • Laundry include iron and dryer
  • Heating appliances
  • Hot water
  • Quality linen and towels
  • Bathtub with toilette materials
  • Indoor fireplace etc.

Indoor pool

As a fitness freak, you may be worried about your caloric intake during holidays.  Beachfront’s luxury accommodations provide indoor pools.  Have the fun of having your own indoor privacy swimming pool.  Have a great time to relax while enjoying in the water or burning your calories with swimming.

Mobile Yachts

Gold Coast luxury escapes offer yachts for birthday, marriage and other events and parties.  The rates offered are on a pro-rata basis based on hours, weekly, New Year’s Eve or other national holidays. Fuel is generally included in the price unless there is an extra mile of travel. Facilities include:

  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • 9 beds, 3 master bedroom suites
  • Kitchen with fridge that includes wine and fridge, Alps and Eskies
  • Showers
  • BYO
  • Waiter or waitress on extra payment

Romantic Package

Gold Coast luxury escapes also provide romantic packages for newly wed couples for a perfect honeymoon.  Check in at Gold Coast luxury escapes to resolve all your queries.

Family Package

Beachfront’s luxury accommodation offers a great family package.  There are different features filled with different packages.  Just explore your requirements.

Gold Coast luxury accommodations offer rooms according to your needs and these includes

  • Seven bedroom with up to 37 beds
  • Waterfront terrace with BBQ and fresco dining
  • Giant matching louvre doors for summer heat and privacy
  • Home theatre
  • Indoor pool
  • Billiards table
  • Security cameras in front and back of the house
  • Outdoor Bali style hot water shower near Jacuzzi and pool etc.

Generally, most of the packages are paid through credit card.  Make sure that you carry your credit card for payment options.