Surfers paradise attractions

Surfers Paradise has always been a popular tourist site with its skyscrapers, shopping malls, surfing beaches and a complete entertainment package.  Even locals here always have a great time.


The Land Water Experience with Aquaduck

Cavill Avenue provides its travellers with bus-boat cruise.  Explore the Surfers Paradise and what it has to offer.  There is a complete human guide to assist you.  Travel around the beaches and experience the water currents of the Pacific Ocean.  Have a complete view of Southport Yachtclub and star hotels like Palazzo Verscae.

The 7D Movie

One of the most popular and exciting attractions for both children and adults, you feel the reality of the virtual world.  Watch movies like “Mineride” in 7D.  With you moving, it will be a great encounter for an illusion into the dimensional movie world.

Shoot the Target

Make your experience more memorable at Surfers Paradise, if you are the one interested in a more adventurous lifestyle, get into the reality world of Australian Shooting Academy.  Work with real guns, shoot real bullets.  Target the Bull’s eye.

Hot Air Balloon

Tired with routine flights, want to travel in open air by air.  Here at Ferny Avenue, Chevron Renaissance Towers, Surfers Paradise, you are welcome to board the Balloons, one of the best attractions at Surfers Paradise.

Shopping at Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise has a lot to offer for all age groups.  It is a grand destination for men and women and even for people with an affordable budget.  Go on a shopping spree of vintage clothing, accessories, fashion wears etc.

Jewellery and Perfumes

Have a taste of Egyptian culture. At places like Paradise Centre, you can explore out of the country made perfumes, costumes and Jewellery.

Restaurants at Surfers Paradise

Restaurants at Surfers Paradise offer dining delicacies.  Most restaurants offer breakfasts, lunch and dinners with an exotic view of the Surfers Paradise. Most of them are inexpensive and have a touch of catering versatility.

Nativity is also served with a variety of Chinese, Italian, Persian Mediterranean and Indian restaurants.

Not only limited to routines of lunch and dinner, there are also a variety of sweet and savouries to choose from the menu.  Surfer Paradise hotels and restaurants include French food, salads, pancakes and also provides gluten-free diet for its specific customers.

Hotels and motels at Cavill Avenue are known for its coffee delights.  A variety of coffees can be selected and ordered from their menus.


Nightlife – Pubs and Bars

Cavill Avenue is also known for its cocktail delights.  Have a good night leisure with a variety of drinks like ice-cold beer, pre-dinner drinks, wines and champagnes along with your favourite seafood.

Live Music

If you are music lover, here is the great news.  Some of the Avenues at Surfers Paradise provide free entry.  The music party starts from 9 pm.  Although children are welcome, some may not be suitable and be denied entry.